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Varnish Transfer Decals

Varnish transfer decals are identified in our catalog with the designation “VT” type.

Decalcomania: Decalcomania is the art of transferring pictures and ornamental designs from specially prepared paper to glass, china, wood, etc., and fixing them permanently. This is the oldest form of decal decoration.

Varnish transfer decals were developed in Europe along with the specialized paper required to produce these high quality decals. This form of decoration was used by most piano manufacturers to replace hand painting in the late 1800s. We are one of only a handful of companies that can still produce this type of decal. The Duplex Paper which is required to produce these fine, high quality, artistic decals is no longer manufactured. The decal is printed face down on the tissue side of the Duplex Paper and is applied using varnish, lacquer, solvent, transfer cement, or some other form of adhesive. After the decal has been applied and the adhesive has dried, the tissue paper is removed with water, leaving only the artistic decoration. The final step is a clear coat of finish over the decal making it a permanent part of your project.

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Decals are available as varnish transfer decals and adhesive back dry transfer decals. Over 2,500 decals are displayed in our online catalog. Custom decals are available in a
variety of colors for any piano name. We are the original source for piano decals, serving the keyboard industry with quality brand names since 1938.
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